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The Virginia Beach Historic Houses' educational programs directly support teachers' SOL-based instructional needs. Whether in your classroom or onsite at one of our historic houses, students will experience unique, hands-on programming that brings the history of southeastern Virginia to life. Field trips to the Francis Land House or the Lynnhaven House include two 20-minute thematic, hands-on programs, as well as a tour of the historic house.

Hands-on, interactive, SOL-based school programs are offered at the Lynnhaven House (1725) and Francis Land House (circa 1805) for students grades K through 4th throughout the school year, Tuesday through Friday. Reservations for school programs must be made at least two weeks in advance of visitation. Call Jaclyn Sullivan  at (757) 385-5101 for reservations.

The Lynnhaven House is furnished as a historic house museum to interpret the period Francis Thelaball and his family lived there, from 1725 to 1727. Guided tours discuss the roles of the household members-Francis, his wife Abigail, their five sons, an apprentice, and several enslaved people-as well as the Tidewater world of the early 18th century.

The historic Francis Land House was once surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland. It served as the home of Francis Land VI, a wealthy plantation owner from a prominent family in Princess Anne County, Virginia. The house is furnished with a mix of period antiques and reproductions to interpret the period that Francis Land VI and his wives and daughters were in residence, circa 1805-1819. Tours of the Francis Land House consider plantation life; the roles of the household members, both free and enslaved; Federal style; and ways that the formation of the new nation affected private lives. Tour guides also discuss the colorful history of the house in the 20th century, when it functioned as the Rose Hall Dress Shop.



The Princess Anne County Training School/Union Kempsville High School Museum provides a gallery setting for learning about the only high school for African American students in Princess Anne County and later in Virginia Beach during segregation. The exhibit panels provide the storyline and the exhibit cases display artifacts that bring the students, teachers, administrators and community to life.

Visits by schoolchildren may be arranged on dates when the public school calendar has classes in session. Reservations for a gallery visit should be made at least two weeks in advance. Call Shirin Spencer at (757) 648-6006 for reservations.

Download Union Kempsville Museum pre- and post-visit student activities here...


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