"Water in the Environment" Student Research Campaign

Water—the main reason for life on Earth—continuously circulates through one of Earth’s most powerful systems: the water cycle. Water flows endlessly between the ocean, atmosphere, and land. Earth’s water is finite, meaning that the amount of water in, on, and above our planet does not increase or decrease.

GLOBE studies water in a variety of ways, using satellites, airborne campaigns, and ground-based measurements to collect data. This data is used for many real world applications to answer vital questions that are essential to our survival on this amazing “water planet”.

The data that GLOBE scientists, teachers, and students collect is also vital as helps us to become more informed and engaged stewards for the water in our environment. That is precisely why we have developed this Student Research campaign- to have our GLOBE community learn about water in their local environments and collaborate with others around the world. There is no end to what we can’t achieve through collaboration and cooperation!

Below is your invitation this Student Reseach Program focusing on Earth's water.


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I want to personally invite you to join our GLOBE “Water in Our Environment” (ENSO-Phase III) Student Research Campaign this school year. It will run from September through June, 2018.

You do not need to currently be a GLOBE teacher- although remember it is free and simple to join- just sign up here.

We are really excited about this year’s program. As we will be focusing on Earth’s Water- it is easy and meaningful for everyone to join us. You can learn more here, and it really is very simple. We have three guiding investigative questions:

     *   What is the quality of the water in our environment?
     *   What impact does water,  both above and below ground, have on our environment?
     *   How does water in our environment impact living organisms?

You can be as involved as you like, and have no commitment to anything to join this effort- although we do hope to “see you” at a webinar to two and would love to include you and your students in sharing what you are doing sometime during this school year. We will have webinars at different times to take into account schedules around the world, especially if you and your students want to present.

Stay in touch and find out when our webinars will be by going here and filling out the form. 

Then you are on your way to having you and your students connected to NASA, scientists, teachers around the world, and the ability to participate as your time and curriculum allow.

Hope to hear from you! Feel free to pass this on to other teachers who might be interested- informal educators are also welcome to join us.


Dorian Janney
GPM Senior Education/Communications Specialist
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GSFC, Building 33- A428