Tabb Monument State Park
Amelia County, VA

Father John Bannister Tabb was born in Amelia County in 1845 to one of Tabb Monument marker in Amelia CountyVirginia’s wealthiest families. He served in the Confederate Navy on the blockade runner, the Robert E. Lee, and was one of the period’s finest Southern poets. His work was published in such renowned periodicals as Harpers, Cosmopolitan and The Atlantic.

Tabb converted from Episcopalism to Catholicism in 1872 and was recruited by St. Charles College in Maryland to teach English grammar. He was ordained in 1884 and passed away in 1909.

John Bannister TabbOn Nov. 7, 1936, the Forest Memorial Association of Notre Dame, Ind., placed on a one-acre plot in Amelia County a marker honoring Father Tabb. Ephrain and Ida M. Anderson had deeded the land to the state on Oct. 29, 1936. Two interpretive signs were added there in April 2007.

From Route 360, take Route 609 north 5.7 miles. The marker and a small parking area are on the right.

Special thanks to boy scout Brody Thomas for helping clean the monument, work on the parking area, trim trees and clear brush in 2006 as part of his Eagle Scout project.

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