Henricus Historical Park
Chester, VA

In September 1611, the Citie of Henricus was established as the second successful English settlement in North America under the leadership of Sir Thomas Dale. Today, 400 years later, Henricus Historical Park re-creates Dale’s successful settlement in Chester, Virginia. The opportunity for property ownership by the common man was a unique concept in the “New World.” This innovative idea combined with the development of the first English hospital, the chartering of the first college in North America, the first English home of Pocahontas, and the establishment of tobacco as the first cash crop in Virginia contributed to the successful permanent colonization of North America and the eventual establishment of the United States of America. Henricus Historical Park features multi-curricular (History & Social Science and Science & Math), State of Virginia SOL- and STEM-aligned programs for Pre-K through Grade 12.  These programs emphasize age-appropriate, hands-on, team-building activities.

On-site Programs use the re-created Powhatan Indian site of Arrohateck and the Citie of Henricus to interpret the environmental resources, history, technology, economics and politics of these two 17th century cultures. Children and adults may delve a little deeper into the past with interactive and fun camps provided by the professional staff of Henricus throughout the year. Educators may also schedule outreach programs with enhanced curriculum relating to mapping skills, cultural interaction and early events in American history.

Discover the 17th century in Chester, Virginia at the Henricus Historical Park. Delve into the fascinating aspects of the James River and learn about the contributions that were made to keep life intact. Call (804) 318-8797 or visit www.henricus.org to schedule your group tour!

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